What type of representation does The Osbrink Agency offer?
We represent talent for modeling, commercial acting, theatrical acting (TV and film), and voice-over work.

Do you represent talent for writing, directing, singing, music in general, hosting, and/or reality TV?

Does the Osbrink Agency accept talent who do not live in California?
We’re willing to consider people from out of state if they are six years old or more, but anyone interested should understand that all auditions and work will take place in the Los Angeles area. Also, unless you are a referral, we will need to meet you in person first before making a decision as to whether we are willing to represent you.

Does the Osbrink Agency accept talent who are not US citizens?
We are willing to consider non-US citizens who either have an 0-1 Visa or are in the process of acquiring one. We are not willing to sponsor people wanting to obtain a visa.

I live in a small town. Do you have any advice as to how I might get started in acting or modeling?
Before considering a move to Los Angeles or New York, you should seek out local agencies in the closest large city to you. Oftentimes there are many opportunities for commercial and print work, as well as film productions that are shooting outside LA. To get experience for theatrical work, we also recommend you get instruction wherever it’s available, and take part in local theater productions.

Does the Osbrink Agency have any minimum or maximum age limit?
No, we represent people of all ages—newborns, senior citizens, and everyone in between.

Is there any fee I have to pay in order to be represented by the Osbrink Agency?
No. We take a 10% commission on any acting work we procure for you, and a 20% commission on any modeling work, as per industry and union standards. Generally speaking, no legitimate talent agency should be charging you anything beyond that.

How long after submitting my materials can I expect to hear back?
If we are interested in bringing you in for an interview, you should hear from us within two weeks. If you have not heard from us by that time, it means you are not going to be asked in for an interview this time around—but we do invite everyone to resubmit every six months.

Are professional pictures necessary?
No. However, if you are under eighteen years old, we would prefer to see two or three different pictures, if you have them. In the case of babies, please make sure they are clothed and do not have food on their faces.

Are demo reels necessary?
If you’re submitting for voice-over representation, then an mp3 demo reel is necessary. If you are submitting for commercial and/or theatrical representation, then a video demo reel is a plus, but is not required.

Is the Osbrink Agency willing to accept email submissions?
No. You can mail your hardcopy submission to:

The Osbrink Agency
4343 Lankershim Blvd. Suite 100
Universal City, CA 91602

Thank you for your interest in The Osbrink Agency.